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San Antonio, Txs: 1(210)588-0238

US or CAN Phone Number, for receiving calls.

Value Added Service that works over you existing Basic or SIP Trunk YupiPlan. Add as many US & CAN Phone Numbers needed to you existing YupiPlan.

Expand you contact phone numbers list. Benefit others, now they call you locally.


  • US or CAN phone number for incoming calls
  • Unlimited calls between Yupifon users
  • The best rates for international calling
  • All our Calling Features and Special Services

Ideal for Residential and Small Business Customers

  • Expand your contact phone numbers list
  • US or CAN phone number that you attend any where in the world
  • Your family/friends/customers or providers now will call you locally
  • Portable Service, ideal for on the road customers. Able on ATA, PC and Mobile

We have phone numbers from all over US and CAN

Add as many US or CAN phone numbers you need to you existing YupiPlan. Now your Family, Friends, Customers and Providers will call you locally, they don’t need to pay long distance any more!!!

  • Technical Requirements
  • Features

Conventional High-speed Internet connection (cable or DSL).
Once you SING UP, we will ship your YupiBox. To start using it, simply follow this 3 easy steps:

  1. Plug the YupiBox to the internet and electricity.
  2. Plug a conventional telephone to the device.
  3. pick up the phone and start calling. START SAVING.

Ideal for Call Shops, Telemarketing, Call Centers, long distance calls….

  • Unlimited call between users (YupiPlan Basic)
  • Great International Rates
  • Your YupiAccount Online
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Three way calling
  • CDR (Call Detail Record)
  • Do not disturb
  • Follow me
  • And more…..
  • Keep your phone number*
  • Choose the area Code you want
  • Directory Assistance and Emergency 911 Service*
  • Coordinate you multiple phones
  • Special billing, other administrative services
  • Customized network services

Add services to your monthly plan:

  • Add a Line: Special billing, other administrative services
  • International numbers: Add an international phone number to your services without worrying where fiscally you are
  • SoftPhone: Your service will be active on your computer and can move with wherever you go
  • Toll Free Numbers: Add to your service a Toll Free number so you can benefit your callers

En caso de utilizar la linea para recepción de llamadas fuera de los parametros convencionales, Yupifon International comenzara a cobrar $0.01 dls por minuto recibido o bien suspendera el servicio. ver terminos y condiciones

SIP Trunk
International Phone Number
Video Calls
ADD Funds
Add Services
to your monthly plan
Tecnical Requirements
Choose any of our
International Phone
Numbers (DID)
and connect your
business to the world.

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Telephone Lines!!!
$1dls/month per office

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